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The Morantz Upright Tabler

The Morantz Upright Tabler™ is the perfect tool for any drapery workshop. The tabler allows you to perfectly contour your drapes to the dimensions of a customer's floor. If the floor is 1 inch higher on one side then the other, no problem. The Morantz Upright Tabler™ will allow you to make any angle you need. One person can easily operate the tabler. Once the fabric is marked it can be taken right from the tabler to the sewing machine and sewn. Just look at some of the features of The Morantz Upright Tabler™ and you will see this is the right product for your workroom.

  • Movable drapery ceiling bar- adjust the height to meet the specs of the customer's ceiling.
  • Drapery fasteners- designed for quick placement and removal of draperies.
  • Outer edge calibration- in inches; bold, easy to read numbers. For use with longer draperies.
  • Inner edge- for use with short drapes.
  • Aluminum stops- specially designed stops pull out easily from sides of frame to indicate finished size of short drapes
  • Drapery length indicator- aluminum bar that can be moved up and down, or act as a guide for marking.
  • Drapery length indicator knobs- knobs on the sides if the unit which are tightened to control the drapery length indicator.
  • 3:1 ratio reduction gear- designed to raise and lower drapery with the touch of your fingers.
  • Direct gear- designed to easily raise drapery length indicator.
  • Base- used both as support and as a trough to keep fabric clean and off the floor.

Morantz Upright Tabler™ -$3995.50 - Standard 10' x 10'
each additional foot custom made higher or lower - $375.50

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